When You Cannot Avoid a Root Canal

When tooth decay or injury has affected the pulp of your tooth, you can no longer avoid undergoing a root canal procedure. While the root canal is a much-maligned procedure in popular culture, it is a highly effective method for saving your natural tooth.

When you are told by our dentists in San Fernando Valley that you need a root canal in order to save your tooth, your only other option is a dental extraction. Failure to treat the tooth with a root canal or a dental extraction will greatly increase the chances that the infection will spread from the pulp of your tooth to other parts of your body. If your infection spreads, it can not only increase the risk of infection to the other living tissue in your mouth, but it can actually kill you. That might sound drastic, but it is the unfortunate truth. If you choose to extract the tooth instead, that is a perfectly viable option, but you will need to replace the tooth with a crown or a dental implant. By the time you are done with the replacement, it will have cost more than the root canal would have cost you, and you will no longer have your natural tooth.

During a root canal, your infected pulp is removed, and the root canal is flushed and cleaned. Our root canal dentist in San Fernando Valley will fill the root canal and restore it with a crown, thus ensuring the vitality of your tooth for many years to come.


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