What are Damon Braces?

Pure beauty

Damon braces are a discreet orthodontic treatment with several benefits. Not only does this treatment use clear ceramic brackets rather than metal ones, but it also lets patients stay more comfortable and finish treatment more quickly. Here is a deeper look at this treatment offered by our San Francisco orthodontist.

Self-ligation technology is at the center of the uniqueness of Damon braces. Discretion is supported by these brackets, which are smaller than conventional ones. However, the mechanism of self-ligation is especially unique in that it lets the wire move instead of holding it in place. As a result, patients experience less discomfort at the start of treatment and after tightening appointments. Treatment also takes significantly less time, demonstrated by a study showing that patients using Damon completed treatment in seven months less than those using metal braces. Finally, oral health is better supported by Damon braces because they do not allow for as much accumulation of food particles and bacteria.

Like traditional braces, Damon braces offer wide-open candidacy requirements, which means that most patients of all ages are eligible to receive this treatment. At a consultation with our expert in Damon braces in San Francisco, patients can learn more about the Damon system.


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