When Do You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

0420Full mouth reconstruction, or full mouth rehabilitation, refers to the procedures needed to fix most or all of your teeth. You may be in need of full mouth reconstruction if most or all of your teeth are damaged and decayed due to lack of healthy dental practices and/or gum disease, or after suffering from an injury that has severely affected your dental health.

Reconstruction usually involves more than one Los Angeles dentist, as some specialize in the type of dental treatment you may need, like periodontists and endodontists. Every case is unique and depends on what you need fixed, specifically. Some procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction are:

• Teeth cleaning
• Orthognathic surgery
• Contouring of gum tissue
• Crowns, bridges and/or veneers
• Crown lengthening
• Dental implants
• Bone or soft tissue grafting
• Orthodontics, such as braces
• Temporary and permanent restorations, such as crowns, direct fillings, etc.
• Adjustments of tooth structure
• And more

As previously stated, every mouth is different. Your treatment and the procedures you require depend on the condition of your teeth and the damage that needs to be repaired or restored. Your full mouth reconstruction dentist in Los Angeles will inform you of what needs to be done and they specifically recommend so that you can form a plan together.


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