Which Type of Dental Fillings is Right for Me?

Happy patient

Dental fillings are a way to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay back to its original shape and function. If you have a tooth that is suffering from a cavity, you may be considering which type of dental filling is right for you. All fillings start with the same process. Your expert in dental fillings in Beverly Hills will remove all of the decay in the affected tooth, clean out the area, and fill it with a specific material.

The specific material may be recommended by your cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, or may be up to you, and is what determines the type of filling. The following is a list of typical types of fillings, and some information about them.

• Amalgam (silver) filling: This type of filling is resistant to wear and tear. It is one of the more affordable options. It is also, however, the most noticeable, due to its color. It is not recommended for front, or more visibly seen teeth.
• Gold: Gold fillings are ordered prior to the treatment, and made in a lab. Once created, your dentist will cement it into place. The material is lives will with your gum tissue, which is an important feature. These aspects work together to make it the preferred choice for dentists. It is, however, expensive, and requires multiple visits.\
• Composite (plastic): Composite fillings are one option if you are looking for a material to match your tooth color. It is mixed and placed in tooth, and then hardened. This option is not for large fillings, as it may chip and wear over time, as well as stain. They typically last between three and ten years.

Porcelain (inlays and onlays): Porcelain fillings are also created in-lab, and can be made to match the color of your tooth. They do not stain, but also feature a high cost.


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