What Does It Cost to Get Snap On Smile?

Portrait of young beautiful smiling woman

Snap On Smile offers a cosmetic alternative to appliances such as Veneers and implants. It is a removable set of teeth that fit over your natural teeth to cover unsightly issues like stains, and worn down or crooked teeth. They are customized to you exactly, so they are sure to be a perfect fit and achieve exactly what you want it to. They are removable, but you can wear your Snap On Smile at any time, even while eating.


Cost of Snap On Smile

Different dentists may offer different prices for the Snap On Smile treatment, and the price is very dependent on your specific dental needs. That being said, the cost of Snap On Smile is typically between $1,000 and $3,500.


What the treatment includes

The price you pay for Snap On Smile includes two visits to the dentist’s office.  During the first visit, your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, and if so, make an impression of your teeth. From that impression, the Snap On Smile coverings will be made. This normally takes about three weeks. After that time, you can return to your dentist and have them applied.

Your Snap On Smile should last for three to five years with the proper care and use. It is recommended that you remove them when sleeping or when they are not necessary, such as when you are alone. They also must be clean daily with a special cleaner and bacterial gel that your dentist will provide.


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