Common Types of Dental Emergency

There are several situations that are considered dental emergencies, and mean that you should visit one of our dentists in San Francisco immediately. It is important to take any signs of dental issue seriously, such as pain or discomfort, as they can be indications of more severe problems, which can become worse if ignored.

A basic list of dental emergencies:

• Fractured or chipped teeth: This type of damage can be caused by biting down too hard, biting hard foods or surfaces, or cavities that have weakened the tooth. Lack of treatment for a chipped or fractured tooth can result in infection or further damage.

• Knocked out teeth: A missing tooth is considered a serious emergency, as it can affect the entire set of teeth very quickly. If the original tooth cannot be restored, implants, partial dentures, or a dental bridge can be used.

• A lost fitting or crown: Fillings and crowns can fall out due to the presence of a new cavity, or from the normal wear and tear they can sustain over time. It is important to visit a dentist if this has occurred, as the affected tooth will be prone to sensitivity and deterioration without a covering.

• Broken or dislocated jaw: A broken jaw is one of the most common types of fractures in North America. Damage to the jaw is typically caused by sports injuries and car accidents, and can affect the ability to eat and even breathe.

• Toothache: As it is difficult to assess the severity of a toothache without an examination by a professional, any specifically localized pain should be considered a dental emergency. Toothaches can be caused by infected gums, exposed root surfaces, an abscessed tooth, or decay.

If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, do not hesitate to contact a general dentist, as you may be suffering from one of these dental emergencies. Contact us if you are having a dental emergency in San Francisco.


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