What Makes Teeth Sensitive?

0017.jpgIf you experience a painful or uncomfortable zinging sensation in your teeth when you consume hot or cold substances, you are likely suffering from sensitive teeth. It is believed that one in eight adults have sensitive teeth. If you find yourself in this category, it is important that you employ measures to restore the health of your teeth and reduce the discomfort caused by teeth sensitivity. A Los Angeles emergency dentistry expert can help.

Teeth become sensitive due to the elimination of enamel on the surfaces. Enamel can be stripped away in many different ways. Some of those ways include:

• Consuming too many foods or drinks with lots of sugar can provide fuel for bacteria, which produce acids that eat away at enamel. Sour foods also contain a lot of acid.
• Saliva works to prevent tooth decay and keep acid levels manageable. Dry mouth results in the absence of saliva, thus increasing both bacteria and acids.
• Brushing your teeth tooth with too much force.
• Grinding your teeth, or bruxism.
• Acid reflux disease

When the enamel is worn away, it leaves the underlying layer unprotected. This layer is called the dentin. The dentin layer contains small holes that lead to the pulp of the tooth. This is where the nerves of the tooth live, which connect directly to the root. When patients consume particularly hot or cold substances, the nerves are exposed enough to be effected by the temperature.

If this describes the sensation you experience when eating or drinking, it is likely that you are suffering from sensitive teeth, and can benefit from visiting an expert in treatment of tooth sensitivity in Los Angeles.


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