How Often Do You Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Happy patient

Dental cleanings are like dental exams. Dentists recommend patients come in for cleanings at least twice a year, regardless of how clean or healthy teeth may be. However, like dental exams, patients are allowed some discretion in scheduling dental cleanings. If you observe proper at-home care, our expert in dental cleaning in Los Angeles may only ask you to schedule a cleaning every year or even every couple of years.

Keep in mind, dental exams check for signs of cancer or abnormality that may appear in the mouth. This is why we urge you to stay on a dental schedule. But in terms of cleaning, you can handle a lot of it yourself by brushing and flossing regularly, and by observing a balanced diet that is low on sugars and starches.

If you have a history of gum disease, or if you are prone to cavities, you will need to have your teeth professionally cleaned more often. Patients who do not brush or floss as they should leave themselves open to biofilm buildup and decay that can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

To schedule your next professional dental cleaning, contact our dentists in LA.


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