Effect of Tooth Whitening on Fillings

Young business woman smiling

Studies show that 92% of adults (ages twenty to sixty-four) have dental fillings. Those who are a part of this 92% may have a problem if they ever want to get their teeth whitened. There are certain side effects and risks involved in whitening teeth that have been restored with fillings, and many dentists do not consider patients with them to be qualified for the treatment. You can read more about these effects and risks here.

Some peroxide whiteners can increase the roughness of the surface of white fillings, can affect the hardness, and even cause increased micro-leakage. This change in surface texture can make it easier for bacterial colonies to adhere to the tooth, causing decay. Micro-leakage can threaten the integrity and strength of a filling. Together the tooth can become damaged even worse than when the filling was needed.

Conversely, a filling placed just after a teeth whitening can lead to a weakened strength in the bonding up to 25%. Patients should wait two to three weeks after gettingĀ a filling before proceeding with a whitening treatment.

Those concerned about their eligibility for whitening due to a filling or similar restoration should contact our Los Angeles tooth whitening doctor for more information.



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