What is Orthodontics?

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Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth. Dentists train in it to become orthodontists and install braces full-time. Orthodontists will also perform x-rays and exams. But most of them just do braces.

The best time for orthodontic care is in adolescence between the ages of 10 and 14. Children at this age possess facial bones that have not yet fully set, and this transitional phase makes teeth ideal for shaping. Children should already be observing regular dental appointments starting at the age of seven, which is generally agreed to be the best time to start a dental map.

Our expert in orthodontics in Northridge treats malocclusion, which refers to problems with the bite. Many cases of malocclusion are genetic, while others stem from variables like thumbsucking. There are also anteroposterior deviations, or discrepancies, which cause asymmetry in a pair of closed jaws.

But most orthodontic work involves kinds of teeth straightening that are purely cosmetic. This includes traditional braces and newer, more discreet programming like Invisalign. For unusual cases, like when a child loses a baby tooth, a fixed space maintainer may be installed to ensure the adult tooth can erupt properly. Our Northridge cosmetic dentists also use splints and palatal expanders to accommodate all kinds of orthodontic outliers.

Call our office for more about orthodontics.


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