What is Central Sleep Apnea and How is It Treated?

Snoring man, frustrated woman

Sleep apnea is a disorder suffered by more than sixty-five million Americans today. It occurs during sleep, when the brain does not send specific necessary signals to the muscles that control the breathing, preventing air from getting to the lungs and rest of the system. This causes sleepers to wake up multiple times a night just enough to get a good amount of oxygen, and interrupts their REM cycle. It can also cause the sleeper to involuntarily stop their breathing for a moment, which is then followed by a gasp for more air. Patients rarely get to the fifth stage of REM sleep, which is where we get most of our rest that lasts us through the next day. You can see how these affects can lead to troublesome sleep and unhealthy patterns.

Fortunately, there are several treatments and devices available to patients suffering from central sleep apnea recommended by our expert in sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks. Mouthguards are commonly used during sleep to pull the lower jaw and/or tongue forward. This allows enough space for sufficient air to get through the passageways. CPAP and BiPAP machines are used to not only set the jaw, but to provide a consistent stream of air to the system. In some cases, an expert in central sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks will recommend surgery to correct the cause or causes.


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