What You Should Know about Sedation Dentistry

Happy patient

If you have a dental phobia, you are one of millions. Many adults retain dark impressions of dental visits from their childhood. The very prospect of reliving those impressions keeps them away from the dental office for far too long. If you are one of those affected by these fears, you should familiarize yourself with sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry. These were designed with you in mind.

Sleep dentistry injects you with enough medicine to knock you out for the full procedure. This is mostly for extreme cases. Sedation dentistry, on the other hand, has a few different depths that your dentist in Beverly Hills can apply depending on your case. You may be fine with the first level of oral sedation, which is just nitrous oxide administered through a mask.

The second level is called moderate sedation, in which you take a pill and feel flighty or slightly euphoric. You are fully conscious, but with dreamy edges.

Our expert in sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills adjusts the flow of medication to ensure the smoothest possible experience. Afterward, depending on the chosen level, you may experience mild aftereffects or require a ride home.

For more, contact our team.


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