Replacing a Tooth with a Crown and Bridge

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on whiteNo one wants to walk around with a gap in their smile where a tooth used to be. Several options exist for replacing a missing tooth. One of the easiest and most common ways is with a dental crown and bridge.

To place a dental bridge, enamel is removed from the teeth on each side of the missing tooth. The bridge is then mounted on these teeth and spans across the open space. The bridge, normally made of porcelain, gives the appearance of a crown on each of the teeth covering the distance of the bridge, including the missing tooth.

A dental bridge has a number of benefits for patients. Here are a few of them.

• Natural appearance: Besides the obvious advantage of eliminating the visible gap, a dental bridge made of porcelain crowns looks completely natural. No one will be able to tell that a tooth is missing.
• Provides a chewing surface: A bridge makes eating easier because it provides a surface for biting and chewing.
• Fast restoration: Unlike placement of a dental implant which takes months to complete, placing a dental bridge can take as little as two weeks.

If you are missing a tooth, contact our Hollywood dentist to discuss your options for replacing it.


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