When to Get a Root Canal

0424When the inside of a tooth is infected, there are generally two treatment options. The first option is to pull the tooth. Though this eliminates the infection from the mouth, it requires substantial further restorative treatment in the form of a dental implant or a bridge. Often though, in cases of extreme smile makeovers in Los Angeles, an attempt will instead be made to save the tooth through root canal therapy.

Deep inside a tooth is a soft layer called pulp. The pulp consists of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues that are located in the center of the tooth and extend down through the roots.

In a healthy tooth, the pulp causes no problems. But when a tooth becomes infected, typically as a result of severe tooth decay or trauma, the buildup of pressure from the infection inside the tooth has nowhere to escape and, thus, causes significant pain. Left untreated, it can even lead to the death of the tooth, darkening its color. The only way to rid the tooth of the infection is by performing a root canal to remove the pulp and replace it with an artificial substance. The tooth is usually then covered with a crown to protect its structure from future damage.

If you have been told you need a root canal, contact our expert in root canal in Los Angeles to discuss how this treatment can fit into your overall smile makeover.


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