Can You Get Invisalign if You Have TMJ?

smiling girl with tooth tray

Given that there are only a few different parts of the mouth (teeth, roots, gums, etc.), it is interesting that so many things can go wrong. Teeth can get cavities, roots and tooth pulp can become infected, and gums can swell. Did you know that matters of the jaw are considered part of dentistry, too? TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is an issue that plagues the jaws of over ten million Americans. It can cause clicking in the jaw, pain in several surrounding areas, and lock jaw. Many orthodontic treatments require all existing dental conditions to be fixed before moving forward. So you may be wondering: can I get Invisalign if I have TMJ?

The good news is, many TMJ dentists use Invisalign as a treatment for TMJ. The disorder caused by the jaw not being in the correct alignment. Orthodontics, as well as dealing with straightening crooked teeth, can also work to manipulate the jaw. Invisalign or traditional braces may be able to apply enough pressure to shift the lower jaw into place, so pain is eliminated and overall health is restored.

Other treatments for TMJ include relaxation techniques, mouthguards, splints, physical therapy, certain medications, and in some cases, surgery.


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