What Do Lumineers Do?

Smart businesswomanLumineers are a cutting-edge technology that fills the holes in your smile with sunny whiteness. Made to order in a laboratory, your Lumineers fit on over your existing teeth with all the thinness of a contact lens. You keep your old teeth, but without worrying about how they look when you smile at a stranger or loved one. Lumineers remove worry.

There are very few drawbacks to this system. Most important is fit, because bacteria buildup can happen around imperfect edges. Our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles can work with you to get the cut and color of your Lumineers just right.

Lumineers themselves are just composite laminates. They are translucent, and retain the natural light-reflecting properties of teeth. Best of all, Lumineers do not require any modification of tooth structure to ensure a perfect fit, like other kinds of veneers. Some moderate etching of tooth surface is all Lumineers require before application.

If the results of your whitening treatments have been mixed, you may want to consider the permanency of Lumineers. The product is intended to cover any and all damage, from excess staining to tooth breakage.

Ask our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles if Lumineers are right for you.


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