Types of Braces for Kids


By the time kids turn seven they should receive an assessment to find out if they need braces. Kids who do need orthodontic care can often choose from a variety of braces, including old-fashioned metal ones. Here are the types of braces available to children.

Metal Braces

This classic treatment may not be discreet, but it is definitely the most affordable. Moreover, metal braces are highly durable and offer maximum versatility for correcting different bite irregularities.

Ceramic Braces

These use ceramic brackets instead of metal ones, making them less noticeable. Damon braces, a popular type of ceramic braces, also offer self-ligating brackets that are extra comfortable and work faster. Like metal braces, ceramic braces are an option for most kids.

Lingual Braces

Although lingual braces use similar materials to metal braces, they are placed in back of the teeth instead of in front. This makes lingual braces discreet, as well as more compatible with contact sports and woodwind instruments. Lingual braces may not be an option for kids with severe overbite or underbite, or teeth of very small size.

Orthodontic care during childhood can promote better oral health for life. At our dental office, a full selection of kids braces helps ensure a treatment experience that is as positive as the permanent results they create.


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