Pros and Cons of Different Types of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can be both stressful and frustrating. Fortunately, modern dentistry is able to replace missing teeth with strong, functional, tooth-like substitutes. There are several different types of dental implants that your Beverly Hills implant dentist may recommend. The following are some of the pros and cons of the different types of dental implants.

Endosteal Implants

This type of tooth replacement is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Because of this factor, patients can benefit from restored stability and functionality when eating and speaking. One negative aspect of choosing this implant option is that the healing process can be lengthy. Two to nine months are required for the titanium post to fuse into the bone tissue.

Subperiosteal implants

These implants consist of a metal frame that fits into a jaw bone just below the gum tissue. These are best for patients that do not possess quite enough jaw bone tissue or suffer from minor tooth decay or damage. Subperiosteal implants also require time to heal and fuse properly, and patients tend to find that this option does not provide the natural feel found with endosteal implants.

Your dental implants dentist can recommend which type of replacement is best for your particular situation.


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