Why You Need Dental X-Rays


Female dentist with x-ray pictureMany dentists still like to perform regular x-rays on their patients, if only to reinforce their case studies. In the case of x-rays, regular means once a year. But data is slowly changing, and now indicates you may not need an x-ray every year.

Dentists like bitewing x-rays because they provide a full representation of both the upper and lower arches and how they relate to each other. These x-rays also show any decay that is present, or any bone loss from severe gum disease. Obviously, this information benefits patients with dire cases, and these are the patients to whom our dentists in Beverly Hills recommend annual x-rays.

If you use tobacco products, you need your annual x-ray to track the deterioration you are at higher risk for. Likewise, if you suffer from xerostomia (chronic bad breath) your saliva deficiency makes you a good candidate for bitewing x-rays. Low saliva production means lower pH, which means more cavities.

However, if you take care of your teeth and have no history of gum disease, ask your dentist why you need dental x-rays.


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