How Effective are Traditional Braces?

Happy teen with  braces

Just a decade or so ago there were very limited options when it came to orthodontic treatment. Metal braces and retainers were the only appliances available, and many patients often needed both to get the teeth where they needed to be. Today, patients usually have several options available to them, depending on what issues they need corrected. So few freely choose traditional braces, opting for more discreet and flexible appliances over the conspicuous and clunky metal treatment. But do the new options work well enough? And how effective are traditional braces, anyway?

Surprisingly, new does not always mean better. Potential patients may be amazed to learn that even with new technology and revolutionary treatment options, traditional braces are still the best at correcting issues with the smile. While options such as Invisalign are not the best at correcting bite issues and turning rotated teeth, metal braces can fix basically any problem our North Hollywood dentists come across. While the process may take longer than it would with other appliances, virtually all patients make good candidates for metal braces. This is largely due to the fact that the wires can be adjusted during treatment in reaction to how the teeth are moving, an ability that pre-made Invisalign aligners are not capable of doing.

Talk to our expert in braces in North Hollywood about less notable variations of traditional braces to make your orthodontic experience the best it can be.


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