How is TMJ Diagnosed?

0426Temporomandibular joint disorder is an interesting one, as we do not know as of yet why it occurs. Also known as TMJ, the disorder is based in the joints that connect your jaw to the skull. One or both of these joints can become injured or inflamed, causing mild to severe pain and discomfort. Over ten million Americans are currently suffering from TMJ, but many still are not aware they have it. Understanding how it is diagnosed by our TMJ dentist in Thousand Oaks may give many a better understanding of the disorder.

We first begin by preforming a simple exam. Feeling all relevant areas as the jaw opens and closes, and adding slight pressure to the joints can help identify points of pain or discomfort, and whether those are likely signs of the disorder or another possible issue. Our expert might suspect that it is a problem with the teeth, and may need to take x-rays. If the disorder could be caused by your bone structure, a CT scan can give us helpful detailed images. An MRI can be used to reveal problems with the disk in the jaw joint.

If the situation proves to be more difficult, our expert may use arthroscopy for a closer look at the joint itself. If you believe you may have TMJ, contact our offices for an exam today.


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