Average Price of Lumineers

It’s no secret that dental treatments and procedures can be expensive. Patients often come into our office after not having been seen in a while, and sport multiple issues requiring correcting. Sometimes many of these flaws, however, are strictly cosmetic. Patients in this case have the option of correcting each flaw individually along with any others, otherwise known as a full mouth reconstruction, or a method of covering them.
Lumineers are one option for masking a wide variety of cosmetic flaws. Lumineers are made of either composite resin or porcelain. They are bonded to the teeth and effectively mask any unsightly flaws patients do not wish to be seen by others. Patients love the fact that they can be applied without any altering of the teeth, such as removing enamel, as is required with regular veneers.
Patients can also choose to apply Lumineers to all of the visible teeth, or only a few. If desired, a Lumineer can be applied to only one!
The Lumineers price in Los Angeles is dependent on several factors, including:
• Case difficulty
• Size of the tooth
• Number of Lumineers
• Place in arch
• Location of dental office
Talk to our best Los Angeles cosmetic dentist to get an estimate for Lumineers for you.


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