What Causes Periodontal Disease?

0424Periodontal disease starts with a simple case of gingivitis. When you do not brush or floss enough, plaque swarms over the teeth. Poor diet, high in sugars, can also raise your expectancy for gum disease.

If left unattended, minor gingivitis grows into periodontitis. The gums may bleed or swell profusely. The teeth may pull away from the gums to form what are known as periodontal pockets. Once you have these, you are in danger of tooth and bone loss. Then you have to start thinking about implants and grafts—oral surgery, in other words.

Bacterial plaque, best compared to a membrane, can be felt on the teeth as that furry substance that disappears when you brush. The physical sensation of clean teeth is the top reason to brush regularly. But you can also rely on better breath and a mouth that is relatively free of bacteria. Do not brush regularly, and gingival inflammation is right there waiting.

As described by our expert in periodontal treatments in Beverly Hills, one of the effects of periodontitis is the immune system inadvertently rebelling against the body. Decaying teeth set loose toxins, which the immune system mistakes for parts of the teeth themselves.

For more about periodontal disease, contact your Beverly Hills dentist.


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