Dental Issues Fixed on an Emergency Basis

0423Good dental habits can significantly reduce your risk of facing dental complications, but accidents, unexpected problems, and dental emergencies can affect even the healthiest smiles from time to time. When these problems occur, you need access to skilled emergency dentists who can fix your smile and protect your long-term dental health. We can help.

Dental first aid can help keep your situation stabilized until you can reach help, but dental emergencies cannot be treated at home. Dental problems that should be fixed on an emergency basis include:

1. An avulsed tooth
When a tooth is knocked out, time is absolutely critical. If the tooth can be replaced in its socket within one to two hours, it might be able to be saved. Rinse the tooth gently to remove any debris, and try to insert it into the socket. If it goes in easily, carefully bite down to hold it there. Do not force it if it does fit back in properly, but place it in a tooth preservation kit, a glass of milk, or saliva. See us as soon as you can.

2. A cracked or broken tooth
Small cracks or breaks are typically not emergencies, but a break that reaches the nerve or root of the tooth can cause extreme pain and serious damage. Rinse with warm salt water and call us as soon as possible. You might need a root canal treatment or a crown to protect the tooth. In some cases, the tooth may need to be extracted.

3. An abscessed tooth
This type of infection can lead to severe pain. Brush and floss carefully, rinse with salt water, and call our offices.

Call our emergency dental clinic today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our team.


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