Teeth Whitening and Hydrogen Peroxide

Portrait of young beautiful smiling woman

Every time you eat or drink, organic stain-causing molecules can pass through the crystalline structure of your dental enamel. These molecules can reflect darker yellow or brown colors rather than the white color of your teeth. This can cause your teeth to look dull, dark, discolored, and add unwanted years to your smile. Most teeth whitening products are made using a peroxide-based bleaching agent. This includes carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide passes into the structure of the tooth to break down the complex stain-causing organic molecules and erase the stains both in enamel and in dentin.

Hydrogen peroxide is considered safe and effective, as it breaks down into oxygen and water and leaves the structure of the tooth unchanged while bleaching the stains. Professional-strength whitening products can contain between twenty-five and thirty-five percent hydrogen peroxide for maximum whitening. These products are often in the form of a gel or solution that is applied directly to the teeth. Some are activated using a laser or special light. Once teeth have been professionally whitened using peroxide-based bleaching agents, they can remain whiter for some time. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our tooth whitening doctor.


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