Tips for Those Wearing Veneers

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Getting your dental veneers is very exciting! You are protecting your teeth while masking cosmetic flaws and gaining a beautiful smile. After your application appointment with our expert in porcelain veneer in Los Angeles and you head home with your new smile, you might find that this new addition to your mouth could take some getting used to. Here are some tips for wearing your veneers.

Wear a mouth guard:

If you are playing a contact sport, or a sport that could become physical, it is best to wear a mouth guard. While porcelain is a strong and durable material, it can become damaged due to physical trauma. A mouth guard will protect the teeth and restoration.

Only chew food:

Be sure to only chew on and eat edible items. Chewing on inedible items, such as straws, plastic bottle caps, etc. can surprisingly cause damage to veneers.

Treat bruxism:

Bruxism, or habitually grinding or clenching the teeth, often occurs while patients are asleep. This pressure can negatively affect both the teeth and veneers.

Avoid substances that stain:

Though porcelain is a material that resists stains, it can become discolored over time by certain foods and drinks. Try to avoid berries, hard candies, dark tea, sodas, and energy drinks.


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