Why a Dental Extraction May be Necessary


Despite the fact that human teeth are very strong, they can become weak and damaged. If a tooth loses too much of its strength or structure to be functional, it may need to be removed. The following is information about different situations that often require treatment from an expert in dental extraction in Los Angeles.


This is often done to prepare the mouth for orthodontic work. The purpose of orthodontia is to straighten and align the teeth, and if there is not enough room to do so, our expert may elect to extract from a problematic area. Similarly, if a tooth is not able to erupt due to crowding, extraction can help provide room for it to do so.


In cases where a patient’s immune system is compromised, it is often better to remove a tooth at risk of infection than to treat it if one does occur. This may be the case for those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Our dentists in Los Angeles will begin the process by administering an injection of local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth in question. A unique method is used wherein the tooth is pushed back and forth using special tools to wedge it out of the socket.


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