Types of Sedation Dentistry


Sedation dentistry is used to help patients relax during their dentist appointment. It can be used during lengthy procedures and even routine check-up appointments. Many patients experience anxiety at the thought of dental appointments, so our dentist extends this option to any patients who might otherwise not get the dental help they need. Sedation can calm down stressed patients, and even induce sleep.

Types of sedation include:

· Minimal sedation, which leaves the patient awake, but calm and relaxed.
· Moderate sedation, formally known as conscious sedation. Patients may feel “loopy” and not remember much of the procedure.
· Deep sedation, which leaves patients on the edge of sleep. Patients can still be wakened if needed.
· General anesthesia is used to induce complete unconsciousness.

Patients who could benefit from sedation dentistry include:

Those who experience anxiety or have a phobia of dentists
Patients who are unable to sit still in the dentist’s chair
Patients with an intense gag reflex
Those undergoing a lengthy or particularly painful procedure

Sedation can be administered in different ways.

· Inhaled sedation is nitrous oxide that is breathed in through the mouth
· Oral sedation typically comes in the form of a pill
· IV, or intravenously. This works more quickly than other options, and the amount administered can be adjusted.


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