Choosing between Braces and Invisalign


Consumers choose between braces and Invisalign all the time, but not always with the best information. If your teeth need straightening, you should consult a specialist with plenty of experience working with both braces and Invisalign.
Both braces and Invisalign straighten the teeth, but in opposite directions. Braces use brackets and arch wires to pull the teeth into position, using a process called bone remodeling. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to push the teeth into position, with each exchange of aligners (every two weeks for most patients) moving forward on a fixed linear course toward straighter teeth.
But a comparison of the two products is not always about the science. There are lifestyle factors to consider. For starters, braces are a lot more work. They can cause discomfort, and you have to watch out for bacteria-causing food particles that get easily caught in the brackets. Braces are not the best from a visual standpoint, either, unless you choose lingual braces which attach behind the teeth.
Invisalign is very inconspicuous, and also requires fewer office visits than braces. However, you still have to follow the plan carefully, as any deviation from the aligner exchange program can limit the effectiveness of the treatment.
Ask our Los Angeles Invisalign expert for more information about braces vs. Invisalign.


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