When Getting a Dental Implant is Worth the Cost

Our dentists are aware that there aren’t many inexpensive dental treatments or procedures. Needing restorative work done on the teeth can cause stress, not in small part due to the costs involved. One of the more serious issues that require a restorative procedure is replacement for a missing tooth. The following is information about why dental implants cost may be worth it.

Missing even just one tooth can be extremely detrimental to a patient’s dental and oral health. The gap in the smile can cause the adjacent teeth to shift into the space, and the other teeth in the arch to move accordingly, leading to serious orthodontic issues. This crowding can also make cleaning the teeth much harder, causing in influx in dental decay. Furthermore, when a tooth is missing, the jaw bone underneath is no longer stimulated. Over time, this causes the bone tissue to resorb, and the facial structure to change.

While partial dentures and dental bridges can fill the gap of a missing tooth and restore the look of your smile, only dental implants, which are inserted into the jaw bone, can halt and reverse the effects of a missing tooth. This makes the procedure worth the cost, both in the short and long term.


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