When Is Dental Bridge the Best Option for Replacing a Tooth?


Dental bridges can be used to replace missing teeth without surgery. Depending on the goals of the patient, bridges may be preferable to both dental implants and traditional dentures. Here is a look at when these can be the best option.

Stationary replacements

Aside from implants and other implant-based restorations, bridges are the main option for replacing teeth in such a way that slippage is never an issue. Bridges are firmly attached to adjacent teeth, so they cannot move when patients speak or eat. Of course, this does require that stable adjacent teeth are available. If not, implants will be required to abut the bridge.

When You Want to Save Money

Implants are often considered the top option for tooth replacement, but they are also the most expensive by far. For patients who would prefer to spend less, bridges from our San Francisco dentist can represent a good alternative. Not only are bridges more affordable, but they can also last for decades if cared for properly.

Bridges can restore your ability to speak and eat reliably after tooth loss. Natural-looking teeth can be mounted in bridges, returning appearance to normal, as well. You can schedule a consultation with our expert in dental bridges in San Francisco to find out if this is the tooth loss solution for you.


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