When are Dental Bridges Used to Replace Teeth?


Losing a tooth can be a harrowing experience, and having one extracted can be just as upsetting. There are many reasons why teeth could come out on their own or need to be removed, but the important thing to know is that there are several ways to replace them. Dentures are an option for those who do not have enough jaw bone density to support a more stable restoration, and implants are often preferred, as they are most similar to natural teeth and restore oral health.

Dental bridges are yet another option, available from our dentist in San Fernando Valley. With this method, dental crowns are placed on the teeth or implants on either side of a gap. These teeth act as supports to pontics, the way posts would on either side of a bridge. Pontics are artificial teeth that replace the missing natural teeth. The teeth that will be topped with crowns will need to be shaped in preparation. Once placed, the crowns will be bonded to the artificial teeth with a dental bonding resin.

Candidates for dental bridges include those who have teeth healthy enough on either side of the gap to support crowns and the pontics. If they do not, they must either have fully healed dental implants, or be able to get dental implants.


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