Pros and Cons of Dental Sedation

Happy patient

Our Los Angeles dentist is aware that visiting our office is not a happy time for everyone. Many people dread and even experience a lot of anxiety at the idea of attending an upcoming dental appointment. Our dentist and team want to ensure your comfort during your treatment or procedure. One way this is done is with dental sedation.

Dental sedation allows patients to stay at varying levels of consciousness while their dental work is being performed. This is particularly helpful for patients undergoing work that may be painful, but also for those who experience intense discomfort or anxiousness in the dentist’s chair. Dental sedation can also be beneficial for:

• Patients with conditions that make it hard to stay still
• Younger patients who are unable to sit still
• Those with an intense gag reflex
• Patients who require several treatments or procedures in one appointment
• Those who are unable to keep the mouth open for an extended period of time
• Those who have difficulty with numbing

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages of dental sedation. Not all types are immediately effective, such as oral sedation pills, so you may need to take them an hour or so in advance. Furthermore, shifting between intensity levels can be difficult.

Talk to an expert in sedation dentistry in Los Angeles to see if this option is a good choice for you.


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