When are Dental Bridges Recommended?

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Patients who are missing one or more teeth have several options for replacement. Dental implants are widely considered the best method for not only replacing knocked-out or extracted teeth, but reversing the effects of tooth loss. Dentures are offered to older patients who may not have the oral health or structure for alternatives. But our dentist in Beverly Hills recommends dental bridges to some patients for many reasons.

Dental bridges are comprised of pontics, or artificial teeth, replacing the missing ones, supported by crowns on the adjacent teeth on either side. They are often recommended for patients who do not want or cannot have a dental implant placed. Getting a dental implant requires an invasive procedure and a healing process that could take months, while a dental bridge does not involve a procedure and is ready for use the same day as it is placed.

Our expert in dental bridges in Beverly Hills also recommends this restoration to patients who do not have the jaw bone density to support an implant. If a bone graft is not possible, a dental bridge is the next best option.

Talk to our dentist in Beverly Hills for more information about dental bridges and whether they are recommended for you.


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