Process of Getting a Dental Filling

Dental assistant smiling at camera

Fillings are used to fill in spaces in a tooth that has deteriorated due to a cavity. Modern dentistry now gives patients the option between direct and indirect dental fillings. The process of these options is very different, and it can be beneficial to know exactly how they differ if you require one in the near future.


Step One

While the process of getting a direct filling differs greatly from getting an indirect filling, the first step is the same. Our dentists in San Fernando Valley will begin by removing the decay from the tooth, and then cleaning out the area.


Direct filling

If you are getting a direct filling, our dentist will proceed to fill in the cavity with the filling material you have discussed beforehand. After the material is hardened, it will be shaped further to best match the shape of your tooth. This option is best for those who are short on time, or only have a small cavity area.


Indirect filling

Indirect fillings are created outside of the tooth. A 3D image is taken of the affected tooth, and then sent to a CAD/CAM milling machine. This machine will create your filling from the material it is given, and our dentist will then place it in the tooth. Many experts and patients prefer this method, as it is more exact and leaves less room for mistakes.


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