How is Dental Bonding Placed?

Happy patient

Some dental flaws are minimal, but often still noticeable. Because our smiles are a main facial focal point, even the smallest of faults can seem magnified. While restorative dentistry methods are meant to repair significant health issues in the teeth and mouth, cosmetic dental treatments address visible issues. These include chips, stains, cracks, and fractures.

Eating and other activities may become difficult if even just one tooth has sustained damage. Dental bonding is used to restore both the look and functionality of the teeth. Dental bonding is done with a tooth-colored resin that is normally completely indistinguishable from the natural shade of dental enamel. To begin the process, our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist first abrades and “roughs up” the tooth with a special dental tool. This allows the resin material to adhere better. The material is then placed on the tooth and molded into place. It is hardened with either a laser or light. After it has hardened sufficiently, our expert in dental bonding in Beverly Hills will continue to mold it until it best completes the shape of the tooth.

Your smile does not have to feature unsightly flaws such as chips and cracks. Dental bonding is a quick and easy process than can get your smile back to perfect in one, short appointment.


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