Ceramic Braces and Their Candidates

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Ceramic braces are one of the discreet orthodontic treatments that have become more popular in recent years. Although they are similar to metal braces in terms of how they work and are constructed, their bracket material is different. Here is a look at who may be eligible for braces made of ceramic.

Basic Candidacy Requirements

Most patients who can receive metal braces are also candidates for ceramic ones. The brackets, just like with the traditional version, are bonded to the teeth and threaded with wires, which enables the correction of most orthodontic issues. Some issues that Invisalign cannot correct, such as vertical irregularities, can be straightened with ceramics successfully.

Responsibilities of Patients

Because ceramic is less durable than metal, candidates must be willing to take extra care during treatment. While the ceramic is stain resistant, it is not stain proof. For these reasons, patients should limit or avoid hard or staining foods and should brush frequently to keep their braces from breaking or becoming stained.

When patients want their smile to look more natural during treatment, ceramic can be a good alternative to metal braces. At a consultation with our orthodontist, patients can learn more about the candidacy requirements of this treatment.


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