When is Wearing Invisalign Retainer Recommended?

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Coming to the end of your orthodontic process is an exciting time. Your teeth are now perfectly straight and aligned, and your smile looks better than ever. You may be disappointed to learn that you will still need to wear an Invisalign retainer after the main segment has completed, but it is a vital step needed to keep you happy with your smile.

Our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills will take impressions of your newly corrected teeth in order for a retainer to be made specifically for you. This retainer will look and fit much like your previous Invisalign aligners.

Orthodontic relapse is a common issue with many patients. This is when the teeth, when left alone after Invisalign or other treatment, begin to revert back to their old positions. Retainers work to prevent this from occurring and requiring more orthodontic work in the future.

Most patients will need to wear their retainers as often as they wore their aligners at first. After a few weeks, our expert may say that less usage is needed. Many patients only need to wear their retainers at night after a short period of time.

Don’t let your orthodontic experience go to waste. Wear your prescribed Invisalign retainer in order to prevent orthodontic relapse and keep your new, perfect smile.


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