What Happens in Tooth Bleaching?

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Talk about tooth bleaching can get really scientific really quick. The most important thing to know is that tooth enamel is porous. Years of drinking coffee or smoking, or just bad dental habits, create stains that seep into the inner tooth layer, called dentin. These deep stains cannot be brushed out, much like plaque cannot be brushed away once it turns to tartar. To get your teeth back to normal whiteness, you will need tooth bleaching.

You can bleach your teeth yourself. But chairside whitening is both safer, and more effective. Most at-home whiteners contain 3 to 20 percent peroxide, while in-office whiteners contain 15 to 43 percent peroxide. Even the much lower peroxide count in the at-home product can damage your enamel or increase tooth sensitivity if you are careless with the dosage.

If you choose to have your teeth bleached by our North Hollywood cosmetic dentists, they will first clean your teeth to remove all surface stains. The bleaching itself is usually done by combining a peroxide gel with a curing light, and takes anywhere from a half hour to 90 minutes. You may need as many as three appointments, but your teeth can increase their whiteness by as many as eight shades.

For more, contact our expert in tooth bleaching in North Hollywood.


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