Which Works Better: Lumineers or Veneers?


Much of the Lumineers vs. veneers discussion comes down to application and materials. And while the goal and outcome of both is the same, your preference may be more than just personal.

There are real advantages to Lumineers if you have a dental phobia of drilling, for example. And if your teeth are above-average in size, the choice between Lumineers and veneers becomes clearer.

First, most traditional veneers require drilling. This is to shave necessary enamel from the teeth and ensure a proper fit for the laminates. Second, because of the revolutionary thinness of the Lumineers technology, they can be applied to your teeth with little to no invasion or prep.

You should know that neither Lumineers nor any other kind of veneer will help you get over severe orthodontic issues. Deeper problems with bruxism or malocclusion are not covered by this kind of procedure. Veneers are a masking solution, a kind of permanent camouflage for teeth that are compromised either aesthetically or spatially.

Ask our Los Angeles Lumineers expert which of the two will work better, Lumineers or veneers. In severe cases, you may be advised to seek orthodontic help. However, if your teeth just need an upgrade and are the appropriate size, Lumineers will likely outshine the competition.


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