Recovery after Oral Surgery

Dental assistant smiling at camera

Oral surgery can be needed to manage impacted teeth, periodontal disease, and other serious oral conditions. If our dentist in Huntington Beach recommends oral surgery, knowing what to expect and how to manage your dental health after the surgery can make the process easier.

After surgery, take it easy. Try to keep your head propped with pillows when you sleep to reduce the risk of bleeding and excess swelling. Use ice packs for fifteen minutes at a time to address swelling and discomfort. You can eat soft foods once the bleeding has stopped, but avoid using straws, which can affect healing tissues. Use any medications that you have been given exactly as they were prescribed.

Do not bend over, do heavy lifting or engage in strenuous exercises for a few days after surgery. Avoid eating anything too hot, crunchy, or hard. You need to keep your mouth clean, but our team may recommend that you avoid brushing the treatment site for a period. When you are able to clean this area, do so gently to avoid disrupting healing. Do not smoke, and avoid alcohol for at least twenty-four hours.

We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions at your appointment. Call our oral surgeon in Huntington Beach today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team.


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