When Do Metal Braces Work Best?

Happy teen with  braces

You might learn at a consultation that you are a candidate for more than one type of orthodontic appliance. This means your issues can be addressed effectively by traditional braces, Invisalign, or other methods. When faced with the choice regarding what your orthodontic experience will be like for the upcoming months, it is best to learn the most you can about your options. The following is some information about traditional metal braces, and when they work best.

Many orthodontists prefer metal braces to any other appliance. This is because they are able to address the most orthodontic flaws, as well as the severest of cases. Metal braces have also been used for much longer than the newer appliances now available, so experts are more comfortable working with them.

If your smile is suffering from severe cases of crooked teeth, spacing issues, and bite problems, it is likely that Invisalign or similarly newer appliance will not benefit you. This is also true with cases of rotated and tipped teeth.

Talk to you expert in metal braces in Rocklin about variations of traditional braces, such as Incognito braces. Regardless, rest assured knowing your orthodontic concerns will be addressed in the most efficient way possible.


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