Common Types of Orthodontic Treatments

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Patients today often have the privilege of choosing between two or more orthodontic appliances for their treatment. Depending on your alignment issues and needs, you may have the option between Invisalign, braces, and a newer form of braces. The following is some important information about these orthodontic treatments.

• Invisalign
Many patients prefer this aligner-based treatment over more traditional options. Patients wear clear, seamless mouth guards for a minimum of twenty hours a day. These aligners push the teeth into position, and are replaced about every two weeks to continue the pressure.

• Braces
While this may not be the first option for many patients, braces are the best at correcting a wide variety of issues. Braces are comprised of brackets and a wire running through them. This wire is tightened by our orthodontist in Torrance periodically in order to pull the teeth into place.

• Lingual braces
Those who need braces but are concerned about the look of their smile can opt for lingual braces, which are placed on the back surfaces of the teeth. These work in the same way as traditional braces, but are much flatter in order to fit properly in the mouth.

Talk to our dentist in Torrance to discover your options in orthodontic appliances.


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