Dental Implant Procedure and Its Costs

As the dental implants procedure becomes more popular with patients, many are asking about the dental implants cost in Los Angeles. A dental implant can replace just one tooth, or you can have all your teeth replaced with dental implants, which can add stability and support to dentures.

Implants fit into the jawbone, and the titanium fuses with the bone tissue to create a permanent restoration that is as strong and durable as any natural tooth. The procedure is performed over the course of several months as the implant is placed and then allowed to heal before it is finally restored.

Because the process is completely customized according to your needs, the best way to discover your potential costs is through a consultation with our team. We will examine your teeth and jaw, recommend a specific treatment plan and explain our recommendations. We can also help you find ways to ensure your treatment fits more comfortably into your budget.

Insurance may help cover some of the cost of implants, and financing may be available for qualified patients. Call our dental implants dentist in Los Angeles today to learn more about the cost of implants or to schedule your consultation with our team.


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