Should I Let My Teen Get Invisalign?

smiling girl with tooth tray

Because Invisalign is newer and not as well-known as more traditional orthodontic appliances, some patients are hesitant about opting for this treatment. This is true of those who are looking to get orthodontic treatment for themselves and for their children. If you are wondering if your teenager should get Invisalign, here is some information you should know.

Invisalign offers specific treatments for different types of patients, including Invisalign Teen, which offers several benefits for younger patients. This treatment comes with aligners that can expand as the patients jaw develops or wisdom teeth grow in. These aligners also come with blue indicator dots, which disappear with use. These will let the patient, patient’s parents, and our Rocklin orthodontist know if they are being worn enough. Invisalign also offers up to six replacement aligners, which become useful in case of damage or loss, a common occurrence in the lives of busy teens.

Parents who are wondering if Invisalign is right for their teen should take the time to talk to them about the specifics of the treatment. The process requires the patient to wear the aligners for at least twenty hours a day to ensure the teeth are exposed to enough pressure. If both you and your child believe that this is achievable, Invisalign might be a good choice for them.


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