Why Some Teeth Need to be Extracted


Oral health problems sometimes cause teeth to fall out, but some teeth have to be removed. This can be the case after severe oral health problems, an injury, or for preventive reasons. Below, you can learn more about reasons for tooth removal.


Severe Tooth Damage

Tooth decay, gum disease, and injury can necessitate a visit to our emergency dentist in Houston for extraction. If decay or traumatic damage is bad enough, root canal treatment may no longer be possible. Similarly, gum disease can destroy the tissues that support teeth, making repair impossible or impractical. Extraction can also become necessary if patients are unable or unwilling to receive a root canal or another treatment required to save a tooth.


Preventive Removal

In some cases, patients need teeth removed to avoid overcrowding or to prepare for orthodontics. Some younger patients then have enough room for teeth to erupt afterwards. This may create room to move other teeth as desired. Many patients also remove their wisdom teeth preemptively, as they are known to cause manty oral and dental issues.

In many cases, tooth replacement is performed after tooth extraction. Our dentist offers several options for this, including dental implants. At a consultation with our dentist for emergency dental extraction in Houston, you can learn more about why and how teeth are removed.


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