How To Clean the Teeth With Braces

Young black woman with braces

When the teeth are being aligned with braces, it can be difficult to keep them clean. Traditional braces are comprised of metal brackets of each tooth, and a metal wire that runs through them. This can make brushing and flossing hard to do properly. Here are three tips for keeping the teeth clean during your orthodontic experience.

Brush more often: Because brushing may not be as effective as without braces, brushing the teeth more often can make up for missed areas. All patients, undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, should brush twice a day. Those with an appliance should also brush after meals.

Don’t forget to floss: Our Houston dentist will show you the best ways to floss during this time. You can thread the floss under the wire and then above to get all areas, or use floss threaders to make this process quicker and easier. You will likely get some of these from our office as a parting gift.

Attend regular cleanings: You can only clean away so much plaque on your own at home. A professional cleaning can get rid of more plaque with their special dental tools. It is much like a regular cleaning, but with respect to your brackets.

Be sure that your teeth still look white and bright when your braces are removed. Ask our expert for more helpful tips at your next appointment.


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