Is Getting Veneers Expensive?

Beautiful woman with beauty smiling faceVeneer treatment is elective, despite its valuable additions to smile geography. This elective status means it is not covered by most dental insurance providers, so expense becomes a priority.

Most cosmetic dentistry has rates that go up or down depending on where you live. This regional pricing is most dramatic in the cities and on the coasts. You may also find some dentists charge more based on experience or expertise, especially if the dentist has an on-site veneer miller. A dentist who is also a gifted designer is a rarity, and can charge accordingly.

Keep in mind, veneers are charged per tooth. So if you only need one you may get by without breaking the bank. Still, veneers cost per tooth can be as much as $1,000.

Since quality veneers can last for up to 20 years with proper care, most recipients chalk it up as an investment. However, the really budget-conscious often look outside the U.S., since you can pay a fraction of the cost in Poland or Costa Rica. Obviously, other expenses would apply.

If you are interested in the financials of veneers, contact our Los Angeles veneer dentist.


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