Mini vs Regular Dental Implants

Many people and patients are unaware that there are several different types of dental implants. Full dental implants use porcelain pontics connected to a few implants across the arch. Single dental implants are used when just one tooth is missing. Mini dental implants are yet another type.

At a consultation appointment, our dentist will examine your oral structure to ensure you have adequate support for an implant. If conditions are ideal, four mini implants will be inserted during a minimally invasive procedure. These are used in areas that either do not have enough jaw bone density, or in naturally thinner areas, such as the front of either arch. The jaw bone will fuse and heal around the implants, which will remain permanent. If taken care of properly, they will last a lifetime.

Regular dental implants are larger, and typically used for incisors and molars. Patients may prefer mini implants to regular ones due to the fact that they are less expensive, but offer the same benefits. They secure restorations in place, keep the teeth in the arch from shifting, and keep bone tissue strong.

Our expert can provide more insight regarding the right type of dental implant for you at a consultation appointment.


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