How to Prevent Chipped Teeth


A chipped tooth can range from minor annoyance to major blemish in your smile. A few habits that leave teeth prone to chipping may be hereditary or biomechanical, like bruxism, and will need a dentist’s counsel to minimize. Others you can watch out for so you can lower your risk of chipping.

Teeth tend to chip easily when the enamel is weak. This can be a dietary or nutritional fix. Eating more dark leafy vegetables and protein-rich foods can bulk up your enamel and make your teeth stronger overall. You can also remineralize, either with an at-home treatment or at your dentist’s office.

When you brush, make sure you don’t brush too hard. Overbrushing can damage enamel. Also, brushing too soon after meals can push whatever acids you consumed deeper into your teeth. So wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing.

Drinking water—especially if it’s fluoridated—is much better for your teeth than drinking anything else. Most drinking water is fluoridated, and you can also receive fluoride treatments at your dental checkups.

If you have cavities, your teeth are more susceptible to chipping. These openings let even more bacteria access the teeth, weakening the structure.

Our emergency dentist wants your teeth to stay strong. Contact our group for more information.


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